The EN-RICH-MENT Drumline Academy (EDLA) teaches many forms of marching percussion to youth ages 5-18. Classes are taught throughout the year at the EN-RICH-MENT Fine Arts Program.

Sprouts Drumming (5-8) teaches young students basic skills, meter and timing, rudiments, and stick control.

Junior Varsity (JV) Drumline (8-18) is the next tier, and allows each student to begin focusing on a single instrument. We have snare, quads, bells, cymbals, and basses on our line. This class teaches note reading, marching drill, conditioning exercises, and builds the foundation for a varsity member.

The Varsity Drumline requires an audition, and performs on a regular basis. Membership requires commitment to rehearsals and engagements, as well as outside practicing! This class teaches note reading, cadences, conditioning/movements, marching and standstill drill.

Competes in the elementary and middle school category.


The Dance Department at EN-RICH-MENT offers dance instruction in the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Dancers will be introduced to and learn various styles of dance with emphasis on Ballet, Jazz, and Hip Hop. African, Caribbean, Tap, Modern Contemporary, Liturgical, Ballroom, and Step are our exploratory dance styles. Dance classes will focus on technique, flexibility, memorization, musicality, collaboration, ensemble dance, choreography, performance and dance etiquette.

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African drumming class is based on the West African styles of Ghana. The djembe, axatse and gangoki are used to create music and express the celebratory styles of drumming. This class is fast paced and involves learning different beats, and the calls and responses that go with them.


EN-RICH-MENT's music classes teach students how to use a wide of instruments. Music students team up with the theatre students to create live studio productions.

EN-RICH-MENT's Theatre students sing, act, and dance during live studio productions.

Students attend dress rehearsals, sell tickets and handle multiple aspects of production.


Arts & Craft classes teach students to make a variety of items. Projects include painting, drawing, coloring with crayons, and relaxing activities. 

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The EN-RICH-MENT Garden is located on the corner of 7th St and Fulton Rd. Youth learn how to plant a variety of vegetables, flowers and plants as well as grow and nourish them.

Youth are taught the importance of eating healthy for a healthier lifestyle. A new component of the EN-RICH-MENT Garden is the performance stage.

Enroll in Graphic Design class to learn the fundamentals of digital arts. Students learn how to create computer graphics, marketing flyers, and color with digital drawing tablets. 

Creative Cooking helps youth learn and practice basic math concepts as well as build language skills. The experience of creating meals with youth helps build their self-confidence and lays the foundation for healthy eating habits.  It also encourages an adventurous palate.  Children are notoriously picky eaters; therefore, cooking in the kitchen can help them open up to new tastes. healthy snacks and quick meals with a blender and microwave.

EN-RICH-MENT’S LEADERSHIP PROGRAM   equips young adults ages 13 - 22 with strong leadership and community service skills providing professional and personal career guidance and exploration opportunities.

Class Schedule


EN-RICH-MENT would like your child age 5 to 18 to enroll in our free classes download application forms below. 






Application forms must be signed and submitted yearly for each student

Send Application forms to (, or mail paper forms to the address below.

     B Smith - Enrichment

     4110 Meadowview Dr. NW

     Canton, OH 44718

Weekly Classes are held at:


1014 Cleveland Avenue NW

Canton, Ohio 44702

Phone: 330-546-7724

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