“Superb summer program! My son has enjoyed every moment of this program...from learning to produce in media class, to participating in the jr. Drumline!”

Latasha Ellis


"I appreciate the experience and life skills you have taught me over the years. Working and growing with your program has been so rewarding in my life."

- Miracle Walker, Videographer

"Thank you again for taking the time to open EN-RICH-MENT and sharing your story and the wonderful services provided by your organization. Our students talked about your organization through lunch. I am going to share your contact information with them.  We appreciate our relationship with you and please feel free to let us know how we can be of further support."

-Michael Cinson  
Director of Global Learning & Service-Learning

Walsh University

Video Testimonial by

Chad Nunez

"Ms. Smith,

I wanted to thank you so much for bringing the Enrichment group to our event yesterday... Your group of young people are so talented and their time and talents were truly appreciated. Their music and dancing brought me a lot of personal joy (and inspiration to dance) yesterday. Sometimes we don’t know in a given moment how much our talents will touch others and be a bright spot in a trying day. Your group has that gift! I know all of the staff and families enjoyed their presence as well.

Thank you again. I hope we can bring your group back again in the future."

-Mary Maxwell

Director Head Start/Early Head Start

"Bernadine Ellis Ms. Betty I love driving through 12th and Market and hearing them practice keep up the good work our children are blessed to have you."

-Bernadine Ellis

"My son Aidan started with Enrichment in 2018 at age 7. He has learned to play cymbals and snare drum through the wonderful guidance of the instructors at Enrichment. Enrichment has given him the confidence to perform for others and share his love of music. He has made good friends at Enrichment and we love being part of the Enrichment family! We are so grateful for this program and for the patience and guidance of all of the instructors!"

-Jennifer Eakle

"I am so proud of what you have given to your children. May you continue to bless our community with your love and compassion for your students."

-Evie Riegler

"Music is healing, kids are blessed. Simply beautiful and inspiring."

-Judy Flowers

"We are so grateful for this free fine arts academy. It has helped our son grow physically and mentally. Thank you all for your hard work for the children. Vital to our children."

-Dawn Myer

"The outdoor performance of the musical strings class is sweet, natural and peaceful. May their appreciation of beauty be enjoyed and shared with others. Slow down to hear the gentle sounds of inspiration, kindness, gentleness, and joy. 

This is a great program for all. No boundaries of age, economic, socioeconomic, and political status. It's an extraordinary project to enhance, lift and appreciate. EN-RICH-MENT is a treasure right in our own community!"

-Anita Petry

"When we do God's work, blessings rain down from heaven.

Keep up the good work EN-RICH-MENT team!"

-Vanessa Stokes