Retired social worker provides students with free training in the fine arts

By: Courtney Gousman News Anchor at News 5 Cleveland

Posted at 5:00 PM, Jul 08, 2021

and last updated 7:54 PM, Jul 08, 2021

Opportunity—that’s all some kids need to be able to explore their talents and shine. In our quest to find people who are making our area A Better Land, we discovered a retired social worker from Stark County giving back to students in a big way. She’s making sure children are taught major lessons, no matter their economic background. News 5 Cleveland.

En-Rich-Ment.This summer, nearly 100 kids in Canton are learning new skills. They’re immersed in the fine arts, part of the summer En-Rich-Ment program. Thirteen-year-old Carmella Stokes is one of those students. “I want to be on (American) Idol one day. Singer and a dancer,” said Carmella. For a year now, she’s been focused on dance: from ballet and tap, to Hip-Hop and Jazz. Carmella’s biggest fan is her mother, Vanessa Stokes. She watches the 8th grader’s every move during practices. “They come together. They learn new things, and they’re chasing their dreams and their goals,” said Stokes. Stokes brings her five children to the En-Rich-Ment program. It’s a program she believes in and is truly grateful for.

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