Learn to Draw

Drawing is a great activity for creative expression. Sketching, doodling, and scribbling is an affordable past time to relieve stress. Start drawing with only pencil and paper.

Visual Communication

Sketching builds visual communication skills which is the use of visual elements to convey ideas and information. This consists of symbols, icons, typography, and figures. The artist learns to express thoughts, images, and opinions through pictorial representations.


Perspective is the art of drawing solid objects on a two-dimensional surface such as paper to create the illusion of depth. This involves using vanishing points and horizon lines for drawing buildings, landscapes, and multiple points of view.

Still Life

Still life is a drawing that focuses on still objects. Draw household objects, flowers or fruit. This builds technical skills by sharpening ability to draw objects with accurate detail.

Gesture Drawing

Gesture drawing the study of capturing motion from a human figure. The artists goal is draw a person with loose fluid lines. This helps an artist draw people in dynamic action poses.


Sketchbooks are helpful visual journals. Write the date when the drawing took place to track progress. Overtime the artists technical and creative skills will improve. Set a goal to fill up the entire sketchbook with sketches. Sketchbooks are available with many types of paper, sizes and quality.

An alternative to sketchbooks are recycled cardboard, backs of paper plates, paper bags, and reverse side of flyers. Take advantage of everyday no.2 pencils and create an artist expression. Teachers do not like it when students draw during class time.

Learn to draw at EN-RICH-MENT’s Arts Class

At EN-RICH-MENT students ages five through eighteen are welcome to enroll in the free arts & crafts class. Students learn to draw perspective, sketching, and painting. Enroll today



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