Exercise with Stretching

Sterling Haynes

Stretch exercising is a great activity for staying healthy. The various movements and stances stretch and sculpt muscles for a total body workout. Start exercising with only a fitness mat.

Stretching keeps muscles flexible, strong, and healthy. Flexibility is needed to maintain a range of joint motion. Stiff muscles put one at risk for joint pain, strains, and muscle damage.

Exercise Techniques

Strengthening the body through various body movements has many health benefits. Movements range from sitting, twisting, standing, bending, and arching. These active multiple muscle groups to soothe tension.

Fitness mats are handy for maintaining balance. The single leg quadricep stretch actives the front thigh. Stand on one leg. Pull the leg back, gripping with one hand. Gently pull the leg up to stretch the muscle and release slowly.

A hamstring stretch keeps the back thigh muscles flexible. Sit on the floor with legs extended forward. Reach hands down the legs until one feels tension. Hold the pose for several seconds. Then slowly return to a sitting position.

Breath and Relax

Remember too breath frequently during stretching sessions. Over time stretching builds flexibility and balance. Enabling practicers to complete more advanced workouts. Balancing only on ones hands, are possible with strong flexible muscles.

Exercising is important especially during the pandemic. Restrictions, working from home, and social distancing may have limited our physical activity. If one is not careful pandemic pounds could accumulate from a sedentary lifestyle. Exercise with stretch routines often to stay healthy.

Attend Exercise Classes at EN-RICH-MENT

At EN-RICH-MENT students ages thirteen and older are welcome to enroll in the Mindful Movement class. Taught by Tarrah Burton students learn to stretch, relax, and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. Enroll Today.



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