Computer Literacy is Vital to Engage with the World

Computer Literacy is the ability to use smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and computer devices. It’s important for people of all ages to use technology to engage with the world.

Technology Is Everywhere

As automation continues to eliminate jobs, knowing how to use a computer is part of being self-sufficient. Airports, grocery stores, restaurants, libraries, and several other businesses continue to add more self-serve check out kiosks and less customer support staff.

Ignoring technology does not make technology disappear. Every year the United States continues to integrate computers into nearly every aspect of society. Not understanding how to use a computer has negative consequences.

Computer Illiteracy Problems

Personal relationships can suffer when one is not computer literate. Being unable to help younger family members with homework puts them at an academic disadvantage. Older family members may be too dependent on younger members for basic technical support.

Those who are computer illiterate may unknowingly alienate friends and family who have chosen careers with technology. They will be unable to understand the significance of the work they provide to help make the world a better place.

Computer illiteracy weakens the United Stated economy. Jobs in information technology can be challenging to fill.

Positions such as technical support specialists, software developers, systems administrators and network engineers continue to remain vacant for many organizations. When jobs are left open for too long it prevents the economy from staying competitive the global economy.

Technology Is Helpful

The top usages for technology are communications such as texting and emailing, web browsing, social media, online shopping, reading news stories, and getting directions.

In a busy world a loved one might not have time for frequent phone calls. Use texting to send thoughtful messages. Those are just a few examples how technology enriches our lives.


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