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Anne & Emmett is an imaginary conversation between Anne Frank and Emmett Till. The one act play teaches racial tolerance from two victims of hate. Written by Janet Langhart Cohen

Who is Janet Langhart Cohen?

Janet Langhart Cohen was raised in a segregated housing project in Indianapolis 1940.

Cohen entered the public eye in the 1960s as a model for the Ebony Fashion Fair. While strutting the runway the international exposure prepared her for acareer in broadcast journalism.

Ground breaking career

Cohen was the first Black woman in American to host the nationally syndicated show “Good Morning”. Her 25 years of broadcasting includes working with ABC, NBC, Entertainment Tonight, BET, Armed Forces Network, as well as print journalism for the Boston Herald. She served as a spokeswoman for US News & World Report and Avon Cosmetics. Cohen has also been featured in Vogue, Encore, Ebony, Bazaar, and many fashion magazines.

Military Contributions

As the wife of the former Defense Secretary William Cohen she used her media influence to support Cohen’s mission. She established the Citizen Patriot Award, The First Military Families Forum, and produced an annual musical salute called, “The pentagon Pops”.

Anne & Emmett

The inspiration of Anne & Emmett started when Cohen was 14 years old. Anne Frank’s Diary of a Young Girl was a required reading at her school. As a young girl she could identify with Anne’s hardships and the tragedy of Emmett Till. Cohen questioned how could scientifically advanced societies allow hate and anger to take lives. She wrote the play to create a call to action to stop hate and repair the world.

Anne & Emmett Play at EN-RICH-MENT

The Anne and Emmett play is performing at EN-RICH-MENT. Purchase a ticket today.


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