Art Project Ideas For Kids

EN-RICH-MENT Art Teacher Ashley Palmer shares art project ideas for kids.

A great way to keep your young artist engaged and creative is by giving them little projects at home! This summer at EN-RICH-MENT, the students enjoyed making chalk art, story books, having art contests, and making slime! These are all fun projects that can be done at home as well.

Art contests

The kids enjoyed art contests and mystery art projects. These activities can take place at home with a parent, guardian, or siblings. Art students build creativity skills through project-based learning.

Have your child start a drawing and then have a parent or whomever finish the drawing. Swap the paper as little or as many times as you’d like! This is a fun way to be collaborative with your child, spend time together, and strengthen bonds.

An example YouTube video is called Switch painting every 5 minutes! By Emma WTJ. Artists create a painting side by side for five minutes. Once the timer is up switch paintings and add to the others art. The paintings in the video are at an advanced level but free feel to tailor the painting to one’s skill level.

switching paintings every 5 minutes! 🎨 🌈 art challenge

Make Slime

Another home art project is making slime. Slime is simple to create as many of the ingredients may already be in your home.

To start mix 1/2 cup of corn starch and equal parts hair conditioner.

Mix them together until they begin to come together. Add more hair conditioner or baking soda as needed. For more fun add food coloring or glitter.

Cloud Dough which is similar to play dough can also be created this way.

The video tutorial below for slime is similar to how we made it in class. Add shaving cream to make it fluffy. I would recommend not using paint and instead using colored Elmer’s glue. There are many different options such as glitter glue, glow-in-the-dark glue, color-changing glue.

Youtube Videos for Creative Project Ideas

Younger kids

15 DIYs for Kids Who Are Bored Over the Summer | Art Projects for Kids

Older students

4 Easy Art Projects to Help You Relax & De-Stress | Sea Lemon


Autumn / Landscape / Palette Knife Painting / Easy for beginners/Relaxing/Daily Art Therapy/Day

Some of these projects may seem simple or mundane, but they’re great for boosting creativity, getting out of a creative rut, and trying something new. Have fun and keep creating.

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