The EN-RICH-MENT Drumline Academy (EDLA) teaches many forms of marching percussion to youth ages 5-18. Classes are taught throughout the year at the EN-RICH-MENT Fine Arts Program.


Sprouts Drumming (5-8) teaches young students basic skills, meter and timing, rudiments, and stick control.


Junior Varsity (JV) Drumline (8-18) is the next tier, and allows each student to begin focusing on a single instrument. We have snare, quads, bells, cymbals, and basses on our line. This class teaches note reading, marching drill, conditioning exercises, and builds the foundation for a varsity member.

The Varsity Drumline requires an audition, and performs on a regular basis. Membership requires commitment to rehearsals and engagements, as well as outside practicing! This class teaches note reading, cadences, conditioning/movements, marching and standstill drill.

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