EN-RICH-MENT is an award winning

Free Fine Arts Academy.

EN-RICH-MENT 2021 Martin Luther King Jr. Community Award Recipient
Spotlight Award 2019 from Robb Hankins former CEO of Arts In Stark
Special Recognition Awards 2013 three graduated from student to staff members
Music education. Aynai Joy Backmon Music Educator Award 2019
Community Advocate Cindy Lazor Memorial Award 2019
Performing Arts Award 2019 theatre
In Memory of Cynthia Ann Lazor Award
Performing Arts: Elec Simon Percussion Award 2019
In memory of Ayani Joy Buckmoon Award
Performing Arts: Instruction Award 2019 Brass
Visual Arts: Visual Arts Award 2019
Visual Arts Award 2019
Performing Arts: Performing arts Award 2019 Dance
Performing Arts Instrumental Award 2019 Saxophone
Performing Arts: Performing Arts Award 2019
Betty and Repository Award.jpg

The Repository - People's Champion Award

Judith Barnes Lancaster Outstanding Community Service Award

Judith Barnes-Lancaster:

Outstanding Community Service Award

Robert and Patricia Horowitz Award for Serving Children