EN-RICH-MENT 10 year celebration


EN-RICH-MENT is a 501 c 3 Canton Ohio based fine arts organization founded in 2012 that offers music lessons, instruments,  workshops, training,  art, cooking,  dance, choir, garden, keyboard, media production, theater and drumline to underserved urban youth ages 5 to 18.

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Education Statement 

en-rich-ment dancers at day of hope event

Students are offered high-level learning opportunities through a variety of fine arts classes, musicianship and leadership.


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Dawn Myer

"We are so grateful for this free fine arts academy. It has helped our son grow physically and mentally.

He is learning more about teamwork through group learning opportunities.

Thank you all for your hard work for the children. This program is vital to our children. They gain so much exposure the arts."

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Anita Petry

"The outdoor performance of the musical strings class is sweet, natural and peaceful. May their appreciation of beauty be enjoyed and shared with others. Slow down to hear the gentle sounds of inspiration, kindness, gentleness, and joy.

This is a great program for all. No boundaries of age, economic, socioeconomic, and political status. It's an extraordinary project to enhance, lift and appreciate. EN-RICH-MENT is a treasure right in our own community!"

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Jennifer Eakle

"My son Aidan started with Enrichment in 2018 at age 7. He has learned to play cymbals and snare drum through the wonderful guidance of the instructors at Enrichment. He has made good friends at


 and we love being part of the EN-RICH-MENT family! We are so grateful for this program and for the patience and guidance of all of the instructors!"

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Tomier Davenport

15 years old, with

EN-RICH-MENT for 8 years.

What does being in

EN-RICH-MENT mean to you? “Fun and with friends”.

What is your favorite part about the program? 

"When I spend time with friends”.

How has the program impacted you?

"Became a better note reader".

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12 years old.

How long have you been with EN-RICH-MENT?

"One Year".

What does being in the

EN-RICH-MENT program mean to you?

"My second home".

What is your favorite part about the program? "Drumline the fun hanging around my friends, getting to know people and enjoying the music when I play".

How has the program impacted you?

"It's my everything".

What would you want to see from the program in the upcoming years?

"Have more

EN-RICH-MENT members together as a community".

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Amy Schuster & Chase Williams

"44 Years old. How long have you been with


"2 years".

What made you join


"Programs offered and staff who are great. I believe strongly in what this program does and stands for."

What does being in the

EN-RICH-MENT program mean to you?

"I feel we are blessed to be a part of something so wonderful offered in our community."

What is your favorite part about the program?

"All of the things that are offered to children. The staff are amazing and wonderful mentors and leaders for our youth"

How has the program impacted you?


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Kalimah Muhammad


A God sent program. An equal opportunity program that supports children of all races. Non-denominational, religion, rich or poor etc.

Students develop their gifts and talents in healthy environment.

Safe, non-violent, non-judgmental and lasting memories.

Wonderful place where lasting memories and friendships are made!

Great Job Betty Smith.

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Caleb Lee

Y'all was a blessing to me and my family teaching us different instruments. Y'all taught me not to be scared to perform now I'm making my own music

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Kyla McCoury

I am Kyla McCoury, I an 15 years old, I am a leader, I had my first summer job, defied medical odds, and I am a sophomore in high school and in college. “


Since I was six years old, Ms. Betty has been a part of my life. I once participated in the Enrichment Fine Arts Program, and I had an amazing time. Going back to Enrichment when I was 15 years old was probably one of my best decisions. Ms. Betty maintains it in such an amazing way, getting up early every day to mentor more than 100 children. I don't know anyone who could accomplish that as well as she did! Ms. Betty is an inspiration, and when I'm older, I want to be just like her! I appreciate everything you've done for me and providing me the chance to work with you this summer. Thank you ! Betty M. Smith




-Kyla McCoury !

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Porshia Bush

It’s weird saying Betty since I’m 36 now so I’ll stick with Mrs. Smith lol. I just wanted to say thank you for all the lessons you taught me. Thank you for enlightening me to the difficulties of African Americans in this country. You were a light of wisdom and womanhood for a young 15 year old girl and I thank you everyday for intervening and helping me to blossom and know my worth. I love you Mrs Smith. Just like you were my mother and I appreciate everything you ever did for me. THANK YOU and I pray you are achieving new goals and receiving your roses because nobody in this community deserves it more than you. 

Porshia Bush

Contact Us

Where to find us


Call us: 330-546-7724
Email us: bettymacsmith@gmail.com
1014 Cleveland Ave NW,
Canton, OH 44702

We are located in the Arts in Stark Education Center, adjacent to the main parking lot directly behind the Cultural Center

Support The Youth – They Are Our Future!”